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Washaw Productions is the division in charge of the preparation, filming, editing and promotion of movies and other short films shot during the activities of the Washaw Group and for its clients.
Producing a film is a long and difficult task that requires knowledge in many areas. Washaw Productions is responsible for all aspects that exist in the creation of a film. These include:
  • The preparation: Scenario, stakeholders and area are required factors for the design and preparation of a film.
  • Shooting: Without images, a film cannot be done. That is why Washaw Productions uses every collaborator available to ensure the quality of its images.
  • Editing: Washaw Productions is innovative as well as dynamic and tries to follow new trends and make them evolve to provide something unique in each of its films.
  • Promotion: Through many contacts of the Washaw Group and its sub-divisions, Washaw Productions can ensure the adequate promotion of its films.
All these aspects sum up what Washaw Productions deals with for each film produced.
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