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The Washaw Productions team, with its resources and in collaboration with other sub-divisions of the Washaw Group can propose a full-service video production. Washaw and its team take care of everything. Whether you have a partially completed or brand new project, Washaw Productions will meet and exceed your expectations.

We essentially produce sports films, but we also have been mandated for other types of projects.

We start by establishing a line of conduct. It may be guided, partly free or even completely free. Washaw with its dynamism and experience can bring a touch of innovation or may very well comply with something more coached.

Then, once the shooting is done, editing is possible. Washaw Productions can be mandated only to shoot footage but it can also provide a finished product with special effects up to the expectations of the client.

These parameters are determined in advance with the client and have a direct influence on prices we practice. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our services or simply to present your project.

Washaw Productions invites you to visit the gallery to get an overview of projects to date.


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